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Amalienau district was founded in the beginning of the 20th century as a respectable suburb of Königsberg with fascinating beautiful villas. It was located in the western part of the city and was named in honor of the noble estate, which formerly belonged to this territory. The plan for its construction was developed by the famous Königsberg architects F. Heitmann, K. Frick, F. Lars, P. Brostowski, G.Hopp.
According to their plan, Amalienau was conceived as a delightful garden city with low houses and winding streets, circular squares and numerous avenues, an abundance of trees and unusual bushes. If you find Amalienau on the map, you will see that none of its streets has a direct intersection. Such a layout was atypical for the Prussian cities - it was allowed to build exceptionally straight streets by town-building standards, but for the new project the law was changed.
Amalienau area, Kaliningrad
Amalienau is located in the western direction from the modern Victory Avenue. Almost every mansion in this area was created by a separate project of Königsberg architects. To decorate houses bas-reliefs, roofs of intricate shapes, sculptures, towers, weathercocks were used. The ancient houses of Amalienau in Kaliningrad are recognized as the most important sights of this historic district of the city. Among them:
• The impressive yellow-red villa Makovsky;
• Villa Schmidt - spectacular red-gray mansion, which is now a kindergarten;
• Villa Leo;
• The red-brick church of St. Adalbert which was built in the Gothic style in 1903 and partially damaged in 1945.
Most of the buildings here are designed in Art Nouveau style, which dominated the Prussian architecture during the foundation of the district. But along with them you can meet both classical and Renaissance mansions.

Amalienau area, Königsberg
If you like walking along old streets with old houses, be sure to visit Amalienau. Pictures of these places only partially convey their unique atmosphere and exquisite beauty. In addition to the old villas, deserve special attention:
• "Lithuanian" square. There is a monument to the famous enlightener of the XIX century Ludvikas Reza.
• Luxurious blue and white church of Queen Louise (the current puppet theater).
• Central Park of Culture and Leisure. In this park there are monuments to V.Vysotsky and Munchausen, there are many attractions.
• Kertealley streets and Lavasker Alley - across the tram line from Amalienau to Königsberg.
Today, this beautiful historic area attracts many travelers with the incredible atmosphere of the old city and the rich heritage of the pre-war past.